New Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

As you may know, our Large and Extra Large lamps come with Energy Efficient light bulbs. Until now, we have used the Compact florescent type bulbs. The light they created along with their size and shape worked really well for our lamps.

In the past few months we started noticing more and more options for Led based light bulbs and decided to test the new variety,to see if any of them live up to our standards. We were pleasantly surprised! The hue the new led bulbs omit is really warm and pleasant and their shape fit well into our lamps.

So, from now on, the Large and Extra Large Lamps are going to ship with Led light bulbs. The Led bulbs are extremely efficient, long lasting and environmental friendly so this is a change we welcome with open arms. Although they are pricier we decided to absorb the extra cost, so the pricing for the Lamps will remain the same.

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