Creative Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Couple photo to lamp

Creative Valentine’s Day Gift Idea that stands out!

If you are looking for a creative Valentine’s Day gift idea that is going to show them how special they are, take a look at our magical lights. We start with a favorite photo you send us, carve a piece based on the photo and assemble it into a magical light. When the light is on, the photo appears. The lights are perfect as a Valentine’s day gift because they are a creative way to say “forever” to a moment in time! What can be more romantic than that?

When selecting a photo, It can be your first couple’s photo, one from a romantic getaway you took or maybe a special moment you shared. You can be as creative as you like when choosing the photo for this valentine’s day gift. Anything that you think will say “I love you”, put a smile on their face and will be displayed for them to remember.

Here are some samples from our customers:

A Creative Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Jennifer wrote “This is my son Charlie and his fiancé Ashley, they are celebrating her Yes answer to Charlies proposal. The light sits on their nightstand where Ashley tells me it’s lit all the time! Thank you for the perfect light!”.

Valentine's Day Gift idea. From a photo to a creative light.

Nick wrote “In the picture is me and my girlfriend Rachel, we are in Florida on vacation enjoying the early morning. It was given to her for valentines day, and currently sits on our night stand next to our bed. She loved it and it is a very cherished item. ”

Creative Valentines Day gift idea , from a photo of a couple to a light

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