Personalized Picture Gifts

Giving personalized picture gifts is a way to make someone feel very special. You can connect with members of your family, your friends, or those you work with when you give them a gift made just for them. At Light Affection, we have the solution to all your gift-giving dilemmas in a gift of light.

Customer samples

Personalized Picture Gifts - Sibling photo to Night Light
Personalized Night Light gift based on a picture of a Newborn and Sibling

Personalized Picture Gifts- Dog and Owner into table top lamp.
Personalized Medium lamp Gift based on a picture of a Dog and Owner

Personalized Picture Gifts Engagement Picture to Large Lamp
Personalized picture Large lamp Gift based on an Engagement Picture

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All you have to do is find a black-and-white or color picture that makes a statement about the person or your relationship with that person. We will take that photo and carve an image out of special material that allows light to enhance the image. You can choose between a lamp design or a charming night light. Either will be a constant reminder of your relationship.

how does it work?

Step 1

Upload your photo

When placing your order, you will be prompted to upload your photo. You may also email it to us.

Step 2​

We carve the piece

Based on the photo we carve a piece in a unique technique.                                                                             

Step 3​

We Assemble it

The carved piece is inserted into a frame of your choice and assembled into a complete lamp or night light .

Step 4

Turn the light on

Just take it out of the box, plug in the lamp or night light, turn the switch on and see the image magically appear.

Choose the Right Size and Frame for your Personalized Picture Gifts

At Light Affection, we have a variety of sizes of the carved piece. From 2-3/4 by 2-3/4 inches to an 8- by 10-inch size. When selecting the size, keep in mind that in order to maintain as much of the details of the picture, the larger the size of the carved piece, the more subjects you can have in the picture. For example, for the Night Light, we recommend no more than two subjects and close-ups work best. For the Extra Large size (8″x 10″) a group of people in the picture is acceptable. You may selected a frame color for your light. Different sizes are offered with different frame colors. The Night Light comes in a black frame, the Medium in black or rosewood and the large and extra large come with a variety of frames. Some of the frames have decorative detailing while others are more contemporary.

Take a look at the Sizes and Prices of our Personalized Picture Gifts

To place an order for your personalized picture gift, simply select the size product you like, select the frame color (color options depend on the size), upload the picture,  and add it to your cart. Complete the order by placing your secure credit card order online. Once we get your order, our design team will review the picture and let you know if we have any questions or concerns. If you aren’t sure about the photo, feel free to contact us and email us the photo/s.

We guarantee you’ll be totally happy with your personalized gift.