Photo of sisters and friends as kids

Gift for a Best Friend & Sister with a special bond

What gift to give a best friend / sister celebrating a birthday milestone?

Mary ordered a large lamp and wanted to combine three photos in the lamp. We worked with her to find the best layout and photo combination. As these were older photos (we love old photos), we worked on the photos to get the best result possible. The final result is the lamp below.

Obviously, we were curios about this lamp, we knew it was special and sentimental, so we reached out to Mary to find out more about this lamp and the sister or best friend she bought it for.

Gift for Bet Friend and sister

This is what she wrote “The story behind this is simply pure sisterly love, although these are pictures of me and my first cousin, Nadia… we grew up all our lives together. We’re related on both sides of our parents, so to us we’re sisters… our fathers are brothers… growing up all our lives we have been through every aspect of all the good and bad life has offered us.

This year embarked on our 50th birthday (another milestone) since she’s only six months older and it being her 50th I felt this would be an extra special gift that is more sentimental to us both!

Nadia is my ying to my yang, she’s my ride or die… I can’t imagine my life without her in it, several years ago Nadia was diagnosed with a very rare disease called “Relapsing Polychondritis”.

This has been an overwhelming ordeal on her and through all her “unknown” obstacles and rarity of this beast, she’s been a warrior and has been able to keep a smile on her face through it all.

Not to down play her disease at all, yes she’s been through so much pain and suffering and unfortunately there is no “real cure”.
She’s lived the last 8 years plus with many trips to the NIH the National Institute of Health in Washington in hopes to find some relief.

For me to know and watch all that she’s going through has really broke my heart, I feel utterly helpless… I wish it where me and not her going through all this; so on a good note… I know she’s been feeling down and sad during the holidays and with her birthday being in January and after suffering from being exposed to Covid-19, with the new year I thought this gift would be a cute gesture since she’s been extremely nostalgic lately.

What better then to make her this beautiful frame that she now keeps besides her at all times, so whenever she’s feeling blue I know that this picture frame lights up her heart, which puts a smile on both our faces!!

Thanks so much for offering this chance for me to say something about my lovely sister Nadia and my prayers are continuously being offered to her and to all those that are suffering from this nasty and rare disease, may God Bless all and heal all those who are in need!!

P.s. As I mentioned before Nadia and I are related on both sides of our parents, so I wanted to add this photo of Nadia (black scarf) and me in the white scarf with the dynamic duo my grandmother Mary, and her sister Julia… My grandmother Mary is also Nadia’s aunty (pictured under Nadia) and Aunty Julia is her mom’s twin (pictured under me)!!

Nadia’s mom unfortunately passed away at only 46 years of age (God rest her soul) and these two legends have been both our backbone! Nadia was only 12 years old when she lost her mom!

So Mary and Julia have been everything to us both! 🙏❤️”

As we mentioned to Mary, reading her and Nadia’s story touched our heart. We are honored that she chose our light to illuminate their life journey together.

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