Photo Cat Night Light - Gift for the cat lover

Cat Lover Gift

Looking for a gift for the cat lover in your life? or maybe a gift for yourself, the cat lover? Take your favorite cat photo and turn it into a magical Night Light or Tabletop Lamp. Just looking at it will make you smile!

We have received quite a bit of cat photos throughout the years to preserve some great cat memories. Below are some samples and tips.

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Selecting the size of your cat gift light

We have a variety of sizes of lights. Our smallest size is the night light and is perfect for any outlet (bathrooms, kitchen, bedroom, etc.). The larger lights are table top lamps and can be anywhere you would put a picture frame at home or office.

For the smaller sizes (Night Light and Medium lamp) we recommend wonderful close-up photos of your feline friend to get the most details. Both the night light and medium lamp carved piece are square shaped.

Here are some samples from our customers:

Cat lover gift Night Light
Night Light based on a cat photo
cat photo Night Light collection
A collection of some of the cat Night Lights
Cat photo turned into a Medium table top lamp

The larger lamps come in two sizes: Large & Extra Large. Both carved pieces for these lamps are rectangular and both are available in a horizontal and vertical orientation.

Want to use a photo of the cat in its surroundings? Get one our larger table top lamps. The larger the size the more details will show.

Cat and owner photo turned into lamp
Older photo of a childhood cat turned into large table top lamp
Cat lover gift lamp
Cat photo turned into extra large lamp

Tips for taking cat photos (by Olivia & Eileen Shipman)

  • Be patient and quick.
  • It’s important to have good exposure. For example: use a wide angle lens and a quick shutter speed 1/60 or faster and f2 for a blurry background.
  • Be ready to shoot a dozen or more shots and edit for the best one.
  • Cat treats can be helpful!

Any cat lover would love to have one of the personalized lights for a gift.

As always, we are happy to answer any question you may have about the ordering process, photos, time frame and any other questions you may have in mind. Just email us.


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