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What to do with travel photos?

One of the occasions I personally take a lot of photos is when I am traveling. Traveling makes me happy and it is always nice to look back and remember the places, people and unique feeling you get when you are away from the daily routine. The question is often what to do with the photos? In the old days photos always came in a physical form so they naturally went into a photo album or a picture frame. Now a days, when you start with a digital photo, it is often forgotten, not displayed or enjoyed. Light Affection lights present a great and unique way to bring the memories of traveling back to life and, at the same time, preset a practical solution as a lighting source. couple travel photo I was thrilled to see the photo we received from Christopher. Yes, it was a photo from traveling. Christopher ordered a large lamp with a black frame based on this photo. He later wrote ” The picture was taken in front of the Byodo-In Temple on Oahu in Hawaii. It’s myself and my now fiancé Christina. The picture (which came out great by the way) was for her birthday. She has it above our nightstand and uses it constantly. ” Couple photo personalized lamp To many more travels, freedom and photos!          

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