Wedding Photo Gift

Since weddings and photos just seem to go hand-in-hand, a wedding photo gift makes good sense. The problem comes with deciding where, how, and which pictures to display as a reminder of the special day. If you’re looking for a gift that will endear you to the hearts of the special couple, check out what we at Light Affection can do for you. Our expertise in turning regular photos into illuminated wall or desk decor is magical.

Choose a photo of the couple from the wedding pictures or from special events during their romance, such as the engagement party. Send us the photo at least two weeks before you plan to give the wedding gift to make sure we have time to create the design. Once you’ve decided on the picture, the only other choice to make is the color and size of the frame. We take care of the rest.

Explore the Beauty of a Lighted Wedding Photo Gift

Although it appears that the picture is actually in the frame, it is not. The method we use is to transfer the picture to a special material that allows the light to illuminate the image that has been carved from the picture. The depth of the carving makes the image distinct and clear. It’s important to have good quality pictures for the best carved results.

We make it even easier to give a wedding photo gift when you give one of our gift certificates. You can let the couple choose the photo they prefer to have illuminated in their home. Just order a gift certificate online and present it to them on their wedding day.