Wedding gift for mother of the bride

Wedding gift ideas for your parents and parents-in-law

Congrats! you are getting married or just got married. Are you now looking for the perfect wedding gift idea for your parents and parents-in-law?

If you are looking for something that will let them know how much you appreciate them during these joyous times, here are a few reasons why our lights make perfect wedding gifts for parents and parents-in-law:

Unique & Personalized
Just ask any of our customers, it is always surprising how detailed and beautiful the lights are. Turn on the light, and the image magically appears. The main part of the lights is the carved piece, which is based on the photo, and is made in a unique technique. Once the light shines from behind, the varying thickness of the material create the illusion of the original photo.

Mother daughter wedding photo turned into one-of-a-kind lamp gift.

Sentimental gift ideas
Since the lights are based on a favorite photo, you can use any photo that you feel will remind your parents and parents-in-law of the wedding and its meaning. It could be a favorite wedding photo, a photo of the parents and parents-in-law from the wedding, a photo of the couple, etc. As long as when they look at the photo it brings them back to that special moment in time.

Wedding photo turned into a gift for the parents and parents in law.

Symbolically everlasting
The main piece in our lights is the carved piece which is based on the photo. This piece is made of an extremely durable material that practically lasts forever. This piece can be past on from generation to generation.

Based on a Wedding photo a Lamp is made as a gift for parents or parents-in-law.

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Practical & Beautiful
Our lights are not gifts to admire and put away. They are used on a daily basis. The lamps and night lights can stay on day and night. During the day they are gently lit and at night they create a wonderful light, gently lighting a way in the dark.

how does it work?

Step 1

Upload your photo

When placing your order, you will be prompted to upload your photo. You may also email it to us.

Step 2​

We carve the piece

Based on the photo we carve a piece in a unique technique.                                                                             

Step 3​

We Assemble it

The carved piece is inserted into a frame of your choice and assembled into a complete lamp or night light .

Step 4

Turn the light on

Just take it out of the box, plug in the lamp or night light, turn the switch on and see the image magically appear.

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