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Valentines Day gifts? me too this time…

Valentines Day Gifts, personalized photo Night Light

Are you familiar with the saying “The-shoemaker-s-son-always-goes-barefoot”? It’s basically indicating how professionals don’t apply their skills for themselves. Well, it goes for me as well. I have had a photo of my husband and me on a family vacation (winter snowy one) from, I want to say  probably 5 years ago.  When I look at this photo it just brings back fond memories and I keep meaning to turn it into a Light Affection.

Now that we are getting ready for Valentines day gifts, I was looking for a good photo for a sample in a Night Light size and I thought, it’s time to dig out that photo and finally get a light made for me (and my husband, of course). So, here it is:

Valneintes day gifts

* The original photo was a bigger photo. It was cropped into the Night Light’s square proportions and zoomed in to get the details.

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