The story behind the photo

Sometimes we get photos that tell a story. This one definitely did. To find out more we reached out to Cristen, who ordered the night light.

She was happy to share and here it is:
“Its for my friend whose papa just died. He was the light of his life and mentor. He has been shooting a documentary on his 93 year old papa for the last year about his bucket list and why its important to live every day in your fullest potential. He just past a few weeks ago and I thought it would be a nice reminder of the guardian angel he now has watching over him allowing him to shine his light on for the world to see.”

So we had to ask about the documentary…

“Its called I am so Good, I’m Embarrassed by Jake Kauffman and there will be a book to follow that is almost complete”.

So we had to search for it and…

Found the trailer. Can’t wait for the documentary and book to come out. Take a look here:

As for the Night Light we created, here it is:

From Photo to Night Light

You may notice that to fit into the square proportions of the Night Light we had to move the two closer together. The black and white photo is the image our designer prepared to fit into the correct proportions and get it ready for the production process.

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