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Sister’s day Gift ideas

Sister’s day for me is bitter sweet because, well, I don’t have a sister, only brothers.

I have managed to overcome that obstacle with the help of my best girlfriends. They are like sisters to me. I have known some of them from a very young age. We practically grew up together so it covers a lot of the bases. Yes, I realize it isn’t the same but it is close enough for me…

Here are a few ideas for Sister’s day:

Have a fun day!
The obvious Mani-Pedi will do. I just recently went with my girlfriend to get our nails done and it was a wonderful time for chatting and pampering. Plus she helped me choose a color that was out of my usual spectrum which makes me smile every time I see it.

Reminisce on the good old days!
Take out the family album, find a favorite photo of you both and turn it into one of our Light Affection personalized lights. Was there a TV show you used to watch together or maybe a Movie you both liked? Look for it on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. Find a treat from your childhood and make it or order some.

Do good!
Why not visit your parents and show them some love? They might also appreciate one of our Light Affection Photo gifts. You can take them out to lunch, or maybe cook for them.
Do you do volunteer work from time to time? Why not do it with your sister?

Bottom line, its a wonderful reason to get together!

Happy Sister day to all you sisters (and sister-like girlfriends) out there!

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