Photo Gift Ideas

The need to come up with a different line of photo gift ideas is the driving force behind the creation of Light Affection. We have designed a way to provide beautiful decor for your home while memorializing special people and events in your life. For some, it may be milestones such as a graduation or career accomplishments. Others may find events such as a wedding, new baby, or the desire to remember a lost loved one in a special way as the reason for purchasing our product.

At Light Affection, we take the photo of your choosing and put it in a frame that can serve as a lamp or as a night light. The picture is transferred to a special material that is penetrable by light to reveal the image of the picture. The idea behind our gift creation is to have a picture that is viewable at any hour of the day or night, regardless of the amount of lighting in the area.

Explore Photo Gift Ideas at Light Affection

When choosing the photo for your gift, keep in mind the clarity of the picture. The idea of “more is better” is not always true when creating a back-lit photo lamp or night light. An overcrowded image can appear more like clutter, whereas a clean background or simple picture may provide better production. The most important quality of the picture, though, is clarity.

If you’re looking for photo gift ideas that are a cut above all the rest, we have you covered. With our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, there’s nothing to lose. Place your online order securely with your credit card and turn your gift idea into reality.