Personalized Memorial Gifts

Personalized memorial gifts are a way of keeping the memory of those who have passed on as a part of everyday life. It’s hard to lose someone you love, but we at Light Affection have just what you need to give them the honor you desire. We take a photo that you provide of a special event in the person’s life that you want to remember and we create an image of the photo in a beautifully detailed lamp.

It may also be that the family member you want to honor isn’t a human. If you are one of the millions who have a pet, you understand that a cat or dog can become as close to you as any other loved one. The loss of a pet is often quite traumatic. At Light Affection we can create a personalized memorial gift from a picture of your pet that you’ll treasure for a long time. The frames we offer will set apart your special friend and certainly will be a conversation piece.

Let Personalized Memorial Gifts from Light Affection Brighten Your Day

We use a special material to carve a personalized memorial gift from the image of the photo you submit to us. With an energy-efficient light bulb behind the image, it looks just like your photo is embedded within the frame. The big difference, though, is that the back light gives the image a depth that you’ll not see in a regular picture. The light makes all the difference in the beauty and elegance of the display.

If you have any questions about our imaging process, visit us through the information available on our contact page. We’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have. We created the process to carve the image into a unique gift of remembrance. We stand behind our quality of work with a guarantee of your satisfaction.