Personalized Family Gifts

Prepare a family history in lights when you choose personalized gifts from us at Light Affection. We can take your old family photos and turn any family reunion into a conversation piece. Let your history be known by choosing pictures of your grandparents’ homes when they were young and follow through with each generation. As you display our lighted images made from your photos, you’ll enjoy a stroll down memory lane.

Your children and grandchildren can learn of their roots when you have our elegantly designed lamps or night lights on display around your house. We use materials that will last so you can pass on your heritage to the next generation. The clean-burning lights we use will make your personalized presentation glow for a long time without need for change.

Choose Personalized Family Gifts that Tell a Story

Give the personalized gift of the family photo for Mother’s Day, Grandparent’s Day, Christmas, or just to say, “We love you.” Your family portrait can be preserved in lights for future generations when you utilize our unique approach to giving gifts. We provide a gift that will not fade through the passage of time, nor deteriorate in any of the many ways photos do. You can order from us with confidence that you are giving a one-of-a-kind personalized gift that is not going to become outdated.

Join the many hundreds of thousands who have searched out our product for a personalized gift that is appropriate for any member of the family. It’s never too soon to begin collecting special moments for your children in lighted images they can keep with them for years.