Personalized Christmas Gifts

This year, why not give personalized Christmas gifts instead of haunting the malls looking fruitlessly for something different? At Light Affection, we have a quick and easy solution for buying a gift that will please the most difficult person on your shopping list. All you need is a photo that has special meaning to that person, and we’ll create an illuminated image in an elegant frame ready for gift giving.

With personalized Christmas gifts from us, all you need is your photo album and Christmas list. Just browse through your pictures and find those that say something special about each person–Dad with the big fish, Grandpa when he was just a boy, your friend at a surprise birthday party, just to name a few–that will bring delightful smiles every time they are viewed.

Shop for Personalized Christmas Gifts at Light Affection

Our Christmas gifts are lighted images of the picture you send us. We have developed a unique method of carving the image and placing it in a beautiful frame. We place a back light in your choice of a lamp or night light to illuminate the carved image. The image is so realistic, it looks like we’ve placed the actual picture in the frame and made it transparent for the light to shine through.

Since Christmas is such a busy time of the year for shipping and delivery, it is a good idea to place your order well in advance. Two weeks are required for regular orders to be processed, so allow a little extra to ensure delivery by Christmas.