We Have Moved!


After being in the same location for almost 10 years, we moved our offices. It was time but it was bitter sweet. Except for the actual moving and setting up, which is never easy, it was also emotional.

The rooms/offices are full of memories. We used to bring our young kids to work after school and even set up a small TV and homework corner for them. Those kids are now teenagers or even young men. We all remember the year Light Affection aired on the Today Show in the segment for unique photo gifts for the Holidays. We practically slept in the office and had adrenaline pumping in our veins. We had great lunches in our kitchenette corner and celebrated many Birthdays and Holidays coming in and out of the office.

Moving the office included going through all the paperwork and having a second look at all the great photos that were send over throughout the years. You would think that by now we are used to it but it never gets old. Getting the order and working on the lights with the wonderful photos we receive.

Just in time for this Holiday season, we are all set up in our new office. We are looking forward to a great new beginning in our new location and for more years of great memories!

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