In Memory of Dad and Mom -Side by side photos

In Memory

This holiday season, Sereeda ordered two of our XLarge Personalized photo Lamps, based on these two beautiful photos.


Later she wrote:

“I wanted to let you know how pleased I was with these two lamps . Unfortunately , Dad  ( Labeled Uncle Reid  because my cousin scanned the original for me) passed away on 11/14/14  and did not get to see these “Christmas “ presents.  However, I chose to use them at his funeral and used them in the eulogy .. This demonstrated how our lives are mere structures on the outside , but with the LIGHT applied as in the Light that Jesus shines through our hearts His love is illuminated and radiates to others .   That’s how my daddy loved others and what a beautiful moment.   ….I just ordered my other gift today  and look forward to this as well .   Thanks so much , Sereeda”

We are deeply touched.

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