In memory of a Marine

In memory of a Marine who lived his life to the fullest

We were deeply touched and honored to make this lamp for Diana. Diana wrote “Alex’s goal was to make the ranks in the US Marines. His dream was cut short just after his 23rd birthday, when he was involved in an accident while working as an MSG (Marine Security Guard) at the US Consulate in Naples, Italy. At 22 he was promoted to Sergeant. For a young man, he was able to travel all over the world – Japan, Australia, Luanda, Italy, Germany, S Korea, Thailand & Ireland. He experienced more in his young life than I will ever have the opportunity to do. We are very proud of his accomplishments.
His lamp is currently next to my father’s lamp (who passed when I was only 20). My dad’s lamp was a gift. There was no hesitation in ordering Alex’s, so I can always remember the light he shined on those around him. “

In memory of a marine. A custom light.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice!

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