Holiday Countdown 1,2,3

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It is crazy how fast time flies and how busy we all are. This year plan ahead and make sure you get all your orders in time for the holidays.
When ordering Personalized Photo Gifts for the holidays, you really have to plan:

To help with all these steps, we have created a printable one page planner.


  1. Make a list of people you want to give the gifts to.

  2. Figure out what photos work for them: Do they have a new baby? Do they have a pet that is a big part of the family? Do they have old family photos they cherish? What about a photo of the house they grew up in?

  3.  If you have the photos in digital form, create a folder for you recipient and copy the photos into the folder. If you have printed copies, scan them or collect them in an envelope to send by mail.


Not sure about the photos? email them to us and ask…we are happy to help!


Plan ahead and avoid expedited fees. Also, make sure you keep a look out for special offers (yes, discounts)!

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