Has it been 10 years already?

Light Affection started as a brain child of Lisa in 2002. Julie and Silvia jumped on board soon after.

Like many other small businesses, at the beginning it was ran from the home office and the “garden shed” was our “manufacturing facility”. Most of our customers were from word-of-mouth and soon enough we realized we had to “move out”.

Moving out is always a scary but exciting move. It was obvious when the Holidays arrived that it was the right move! The business really picked up. We purchased more machines and added a new size lights and more frame options. Soon after the Media discovered our unique gift idea and helped us the spread the word even further. We were glad to discover people appreciated the unique and one-of -a-kind product that is individually designed and manufactured locally.

Today, 10 years later, we are still working to improve any and every side of the company.
We would like to Thank our Loyal customers as well as the wonderful responses we have received through out the years!
After 10 years, we are looking forward to the exciting years to come!

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