Halloween Costume Photo Contest

The Contest is now Closed!! Thank you again to all the participants.

Winner of the contest is Cary Martinez.

The Prize

Winner of the contest will receive a FREE personalized carved Night Light based on the photo!

Go ahead and vote (see photos below):

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Go ahead and submit a photo:

For submitting photos see instructions on the bottom of this page (below the photo gallery).

  • Contest ends November 8th (noon pacific time). Winner will be announced on Facebook and by email.

By the way, November 16th is our 24hr

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Submitting Photos

To Submit Halloween costume photos for the contest, please email the photos to: support@lightaffection.com

Photos will be accepted until midnight November 6th.

Important note about the photos:

Since we are planning to make a Night Light based on the winning photo, we recommended submitting photos that are close-ups and have no more than two to three subjects. We can also crop them later to fit best.

2019 winner

Halloween Photo costume Night Light