Good Valentines day gifts & Valentines gift ideas

When looking for good valentines day gifts, the key is finding something that will be unique, personal and romantic. Good gifts always take some thinking and personalized gifts open the door for great Valentines gift ideas.

Here at Light Affection, we start with your photo. Based on the photo a piece of durable material is carved using a unique technique.  The carved piece is then assembled into a complete Lamp or Night Light. When the light is turned on, the beautiful image magically appears.

good_valentines_day_gifts & valentines gift ideas
Looking for good Valentines day gifts? From Photo into Carved piece into a Magical Lamp.

The Light Affection lights make for great valentines day gifts because they transport you to that moment in time where you really felt the sparks and love. They are also great gift ideas as they are practical, beautiful and last forever. What can be more romantic then that? The lights make for great valentines gift ideas for him because of the how the image magically appears.

Preparing for ordering your valentines day gifts

The key is finding the right photo. A good photo will be one that has a meaning to both of you.
Some ideas to photos cane be:

  • Your favorite couple photo
  • A photo from the first date
  • A photo at an occasion that brought you together
  • A photo of you both on vacation.
  • A photo of your first kiss
  • It can also be one with your kids or pets.

It is all about finding that moment in time that you both remember and want to keep remembering. That is what makes good valentines day gifts.

Once you found the photo, all you have to do is order your gifts and we will do the rest. You will receive a complete lamp or Night Light in the mail. All you have to do is plug it in and turn on the light to see these great valentines day gifts.

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