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Photo Gift ideas for Dad for Father’s day

Father's Day unique gifts. Gift ideas for dadIt isn’t always easy to find gift ideas for dad that are unique, sentimental and personal . Photo Gifts are definitely one of the best options out there and dads are sure to appreciate the thoughtful personal touch.

Photo gifts however do require some planning. It takes time to find the right photo. Believe me, even  for us here at Light Affection, when we want to create a gift for one of our friends or family members, finding the photo is the hardest thing.

“I like how he looks here but the background is ugly”, “I can’t find a photo were both kids are smiling”, “this is my favorite photo but it is blurry”, I am sure you know what I am talking about……

To expand the photo search and give you some ideas, here are some photo concepts we collected for dad for Father’s dayGift Ideas For dad

  1. What does Dad like?
    • Fishing? How about the photo with the big fish he caught?
    • Golf? How about the photo of him on his best day of playing golf?
    • Cars?How about the photo of him and his favorite car?
    • …you get the idea
  2. What about a photo of him and his Dad?
  3. What about a photo of him and the kids?

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Always keep in mind the size and proportions of the light you have in mind:

    • NL   The Night Light – Preferably no more than two subjects and close-ups work best.


    • M   The Medium Table Top Lamp – For this size we also recommend not to have too many subjects and close-ups work best. Keep that in mind that the Lamp is square so we will crop the image into a square.


    • L   The Large and Extra Large Lamp – The larger size lamps are less limiting because they are bigger and are available in both Horizontal and Vertical orientations.

Not sure what photo will work best with our lights? Send us a few and our design team will recommend what they think will work best!

There is also the issue of time frame. It takes time to produce and ship these personalized gifts.

So, check our current time frames.

As always, we are happy to answer any question you may have about the ordering process, photos, time frame and any other questions you may have in mind. Just email us.

Looking froward to a wonderful 2015 Father’s day (June 21st)!

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