Four sisters smiling photo lamp

Four Beautiful Sisters All Smiles

It’s hard to take a photo of a group of kids. If one of them is smiling, the other is looking away, or blinking, or moving around….
In the past, we have actually combined photos, taking the best pose from each one. That said, the photo for this lamp didn’t require any editing, which is one of the reasons it caught our eye, other than the beautiful genuine four smiles.

Photo by Kate, kO photography

We reached out to Kenton, who placed the order and he wrote:

“This lamp was a gift by our four girls (Nikki, Katie, Alicia & Amy) to their mom (Christine). This is the third lamp we have purchased. We bought the 1st when we only had Nikki and Katie, then our 2nd included Nikki, Katie and Alicia. The girls realized it was time for a new lamp that had all of them in it. This picture was the favorite one taken this past summer/fall and my wife has wanted to figure out a way to get it placed predominantly in our living room but couldn’t figure out where to place it. Your product was the best way to give this picture a permanent place of predominance in our living room.”

We are so honored to be part of a tradition for this beautiful growing family!


Four sisters smiling photo lamp 

The lamp we created from the photo was our large personalized lamp with a black contemporary frame.

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