Father and daughter photo gift idea

Father and daughter bond

This photo touched our hearts and after we heard the story behind it, even more so.

We reached out to Rosalinda, who purchased the lamp and this is what she wrote:
“I ordered this gift for my little cousin, Nathalia for Christmas. This little girl is truly amazing and deserved an amazing gift, that’s why I chose Light Affection. Nathalia helps bring awareness to victims that have lost loved ones from heartless violence.”

Father and daughter photo lamp gift side
Photo taken in Light Affection offices

She continued by adding a note from Nathalia’s mother, who wrote:

“Thank you Light Affection for bringing so much joy to my daughters heart! It is such a unique and meaningful product, that brings a sense of warmth in our home!
There’s a special Angel in Heaven!
Nathalia Jackson was just 5 years old, when she lost her father Kenny during a robbery at their family owned cell phone store. Kenny was her dad, her hero, and the first person she saw when she came into this world. She knew he would be the man she’d love for the rest of her life unconditionally. He touched the hearts of many like only an Angel can do.
The lamp is for Nathalia and dedicated to her father.
It is placed in the front entrance of the house. A great place to see an Angel everyday.”

Father and daughter photo lamp gift
Photo taken in Light Affection offices

We are extremely honored to be part of Nathalia’s memory of her father.
You can learn more of Nathalia’s journey on her Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/nathalia_0510/

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