Engagement party gift

Engagement party gift? Use the engagement photo.

We love getting engagement photos. They always make our hearts sing. I know it sounds corny, but they do! We often get those when our customers are looking for an engagement party gift and we just love working on them.

Here are some past engagement photos that were used to create a gift for the couple:

Engagement photo to gift
Medium lamp from an engagement photo

This is an adorable engagement photo that was sent to us by Hercules to create one of our medium lamps.

Hercules wrote “The lamp was a gift for an amazing young lady that we’ve known since she was 4 years old. This picture was one of her engagement photos. It melts my heart the love and joy each other have brought to each of their lives. God is good!”

Engagement invitation photo tuned into gift
Large Lamp created from an engagement photo

This lamp was based on a photo that was part of the engagement photos the couple took. As far as we remember this particular photo was used in the engagement party invitation and that is where our customer got it from.

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Proposal photo turned into gift.
Medium lamp from a proposal photo

Initially Jennifer sent us a different photo but we worked with her to find the best photo for the Medium size lamp. We wanted to make sure we get the best quality and look that we could.

Jennifer wrote: “This is my son Charlie and his fiancé Ashley, they are celebrating her Yes answer to Charlies proposal. The light sits on their night stand where Ashley tells me it’s lit all the time!”

Proposal photo turned into engagement party gift.
Medium lamp from a proposal photo by the beach

This lamp was ordered by Nikki who has been a long time customer or ours.

Nikki wrote “The picture is of my niece, Kylie, and her fiancé Chad. They were each other’s first loves and after 8 years, he surprised her on our annual family vacation and proposed on Hammock Beach. The picture is right after the proposal and we surprised them with that as their gift at their engagement party. The beautiful picture is on their dresser in their bedroom”.

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