Dog Memorial Night Light

Dog Remembrance Gift

We have had quite a few Night Lights ordered as a Dog Remembrance gift. We know how difficult it is to lose a beloved pet and are touched by the stories behind the photos. Here are some stories behind the dog photos, that were turned into Night Lights, gifts for owners who lost their dog.

Beacon the dog

Lisa wrote “Our friends, Jeff & Katie Beemer, got Beacon (the dog on the nightlight) after suffering a deep loss. Beacon gave them hope to be able to laugh & love again. His registered name was “Lighting the Way “and he lived up to that name for not only Jeff & Katie but for so many who had the privilege of knowing him. They lost Beacon in October 2020 and I decided to get them the nightlight for Christmas so their Beacon could continue to light their way. Beacon helped Katie open her dog collar business Great Dog Designs and became the company mascot. This picture was taken while he was laying on the couch looking outside and is one of Katie’s favorite all time pictures of him (unbeknownst to me, I just loved the pic so chose it). The picture on the wall behind Beacon says “There is always Hope” and that’s what Beacon was…hope for a brighter tomorrow. I called Katie yesterday and she gave her permission for Beacon to be used for your company. She absolutely loves the nightlight and uses it everyday.”

Night Light gift of Beacon the dog, who passed away.

Lindsay wrote “I ordered this as a gift for my parents for Christmas. Their beloved dachshund Bussie passed away two years ago, and he was like a child to them. This was one of their favorite pictures they had of him, and I thought that having this light in their kitchen would be a wonderful reminder of the love they had for him every time they walked in the room. They love it!”

Dog remembrance Custom engraved Night Light

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