Baby Photo to Night Light - Custom Photo Gifts for Mothers Day

Custom photo gifts for Mother’s Day? How about a Night Light?

Mother’s Day is a busy time of year for us here at Light Affection. Custom photo gifts are popular gifts for Mother’s Day and Night Lights are perfect for the occasion.

Baby photos are a popular choice and that isn’t surprising. They are perfect photos for our Night Lights. Easy to get a close-up, and baby faces… say no more.

This Night Light was ordered by Cindy from NY. How cute is this baby?

Baby Photo To Custom Photo Gift for Mom

More babies? We recently received an order for two Night Lights with sleeping Baby photos.

Baby Sleeping photo to Night Light, custom gift for mom
Baby Sleeping photo to Night

Baby photos aren’t the only ones fit for Mother’s Day. Jill ordered the below Night Light and wrote “This is grandma and granddaughter enjoying a quiet moment”. Grandmothers love our Night Lights for Mother’s Day gifts as well. They are perfect for the kitchen or bathroom and just make you smile!

Grandmother custom gift Night Light

We can’t forget our pet owners… Here is a Night Light that Sarah ordered as a gift for a friend who lost her beloved dog Argos.

Dog photo and his mom turned into Night Light

Learn more about our lights as Mother’s Day gifts here.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there!

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