Costume photos and scary Halloween decorations

When my kids were younger, Halloween was one of the exciting holidays. Candy was definitely one of the reasons, but the dressing up and the “scary” part were as important to the general excitement.

Getting together with neighbors and friends is one of the reasons I like this holiday. The neighbors decorate their houses, some scarier than others (I am sure you know what I am talking about) and we walk around looking at them and chatting.  When the kids were younger, we would get together with the neighbors and “trick or treat” together in the neighborhood. Always met some new neighbors or got to meet ones we haven’t seen in a while. When the kids got older, we would hangout and handout candy to the younger crowd. The costumes kept changing but the neighborhood feeling and excitement remained the same.

Halloween costume photo turned into Night Light Batman Halloween costume photo turned into Night Light

We have so many photos of the kids in costumes. When they were younger it was Pooh and other childhood book characters. Some years it was all about super hero characters, other years it was scary masks and sometimes just being creative and funny.

We often have a Halloween costume photo contest. In 2019 the winner received a Free Night Light.

Halloween Photo costume Night Light

Here, at Light Affection, for Halloween we replaced some of our Night Light inserts with scary skull ones to set the “mood” during this exciting night.

What can you do with these Halloween Decorations?

  • You can hang them on the window. When the light is turned on, the skull will appear.

skull window hanging Window Hanging Halloween Decoration

  •  You can hang them in front of an outdoor lamp. Turn the light on to see the skull.
  • You can replace it with an existing carved piece for a complete Lamp or Night Light.

Happy & Scary Halloween to you all!

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