Baby Photo Gift

A baby photo gift is a unique way to remember the addition to the family. At Light Affection, we have just what you need to share the joy of new life. We will take your baby’s photo and turn it into a night light or lamp that will add a special dimension to any home. When you give our gift of light, you’re giving a picture that is preserved for generations.

Baby Photo - to Night Light | Unique photo gifts by Light Affection

Baby photo to unique carved piece to magical Night Light .

baby photo gift
A Large table top lamp based on a baby photo

At Light Affection, we have created a method of transferring the photo you submit to us to a material that is transparent enough to let light through, but strong enough to endure years, even generations, of use. The light illuminates the image from behind, which makes this gift unique. In addition to being a reminder of a special baby, it also provides lighting for hallways, bedrooms, nursery or any place you choose.

Buy a Practical and Lasting Baby Photo Gift

As your baby grows, you can proudly show off the changes through the years with a gift from Light Affection. Fill your home or share your photos with grandparents, aunts, and other family and friends with a yearly photo lamp or night light gift from us. We have several frame colors and designs from which to choose to make your gift giving simple.

We offer more than just putting the photo of your baby on a T-shirt or mouse pad. We give you the gift of viewing your baby’s picture any time of the day or night in illuminated beauty. Visit our contact page for information on how to get in touch with us if you have any questions.