50th Wedding Anniversary


Kathy ordered a lamp based on a beautiful photo of a young glowing couple. We just had to take pictures of the lamp and ask  Kathy if she would share some words about this photo. This is what she wrote:

“The picture is of my father & mother (Larry & Donna Cook) on their wedding day, March 13, 1966. They are celebrating their 50th (golden) wedding anniversary next month and I had this made to give to them on that date. I have had several lights made from you for different occasions and you truly cannot appreciate the art of your product until you see it in person. I am so pleased with how this photo turned out, mainly because every time I look at the old Polaroid picture from 50 years ago, I see true happiness and bliss in their faces and your light captured that exactly as the photo did. And even though they have been through many ups and downs during this time, I still see this same expression on their faces today. I am so proud of their love and the family they have created and I feel blessed that I am a product of that true, pure, and lasting love.
Thank you again for your correspondence and also for the quality products that I receive from you every time I have something special enough to capture.”

50th Anniversary GiftWe are honored to be able to be part of this uplifting occasion. Thank you Kathy for trusting us with making this gift.

Details about the lamp:
This is a large lamp with the traditional gold color frame. We retouched the original photo to remove the background, dust and scratches. We also centered the couple and zoomed in a bit.

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